Our Christening gowns, dresses and outfits are designed as heirlooms. They are intended to last for years so that they can be passed down from generation to generation. We want to ensure that you enjoy your Silk Christening garment for years to come; therefore we recommend that you read the following information and cleaning and storage guides.


Supreme Silk
100% Supreme silk, is woven with fibres of varying thickness. Technically, it is a silk yarn reeled from double cocoons or two adjacent cocoons in which silk is intertwined. The yarn has a very slight sheen to it that makes it shimmer or change colour very slightly in different light.

Our Christening Outfits are made using either Winter White or Ivory coloured Supreme Silk. It is important to be aware that the Winter White is an off-white colour. It is not bright white (like cotton); this is due to it being a natural fabric rather than man-made.


Silk is a protein fibre similar to human hair and does require special care to stay looking good. By knowing how to clean and store your garment you can keep it in perfect condition for years.



Caring for your 100% Supreme Silk Garment


Silk fabrics demand special care and in order to maintain the appearance and general condition of your garment therefore we recommend that all garments made using silk fabric are dry cleaned only. In order to make sure that your garment stays in perfect condition we recommend you tell your dry cleaner that it is made of 100% Supreme Silk and ensure that they are aware of how this fabric needs to be cleaned.  


For long-term storage, keep your silk gown, dress or outfit in cotton, muslin or other breathable material. Avoid plastic covers which trap moisture as this can cause yellowing and mildew.