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Welcome to Christening Elegance

Fáilte go dtí Elegance Baisteadh

We believe in handmade, quality, individual dresses made for not just any baby but your baby.

The process doesn’t start until you place your order telling us your exact size and colour requirements and if you wish to have your garment personalised with embroidery or perhaps a piece of material that is special to you like perhaps your wedding dress.

Your garment material is then cut from a big roll of the finest supreme dupion silk and your lace/bead-work is selected. Your garment is then cut by hand using a traditional pattern and meticulously put together by our professional seamstress.

Every stitch is carefully checked before making the tiny silk covered buttons. These are made by cutting the exact amount of silk and attaching it to a special plastic popper button.

Once your garment is complete it is checked again this time by a second pair of eyes to make sure it’s perfect before it is carefully wrapped in acid free tissue paper and boxed up to send to you.

An exquisite heirloom, chosen by you, which we have had the honor of making for your special day.

Sizing Guide – * Please use the measurements below as a guide to estimate the best size for your little one. Since babies are proportioned so differently, if you have questions about exact fit, feel free to contact us with sizing questions!

How To Measure

Height Chest Head
Measure top of head to bottom of foot (similar to how you would measure yourself). Using a soft measuring tape (or string if soft measuring tape is not available) measure all the way around the chest under the arms at the fullest part of the chest. Using a soft measuring tape (or string if soft measuring tape is not available) measure all the way around the head starting at the middle of the forehead.


Newborn 3 months
0-3 months
6 months
3-6 months
9 months
6-9 months
12 months
9-12 months
18-24 months
Height up to 21 inches
(53 cm)
up to 23 inches
(58 cm)
up to 25 inches
(64 cm)
up to 28 inches
(71 cm)
up to 32 inches
(81 cm)
up to 35 inches
(89 cm)
Chest up to 17 inches
(43 cm)
up to 18 inches
(46 cm)
up to 19 inches
(48 cm)
up to 20 inches
(51 cm)
up to 21 inches
(53 cm)
up to 22 inches
(56 cm)
Bonnet / Hat Sizing Small 3-6 months
9-12 months
Head 14 to 16 in
(35 – 41 cm)
16 to 18 in
(41 – 46 cm)
18 to 20 in
(46 – 51 cm)
Booties Sizing 0-3 Months 3-6 Months 6-9 Months 9-12 Months
Heel to toe 3.5 inches
(8.9 cm)
3.75 inches
(9.5 cm)
4 inches
(10.2 cm)
4.25 inches
(10.8 cm)
US 0 1 2 3
Europe 15 16 17 18
UK 0 .5 1.5 2.5
Shoe Sizing 16 17 18 19 20
US 1 2 3 4 5
Heel to toe 3.75 inches
(9.5 cm)
4 inches
(10.2 cm)
4.25 inches
(10.8 cm)
4.5 inches
(11.4 cm)
4.75 inches
(12.1 cm)
UK .5 1.5 2.5 3 4
Headband Sizing
Most headbands are one size fits all unless otherwise noted
Blanket Sizing
All blankets measure 28 inches square (71 cm)
Bib Sizing
All bibs are one size fits all